Welcome to Lassen Forge -wordsmith-.

Lassen Forge offers the following:  Proofreading, copy editing, original drafts, and updates and “polishing” to written media.

Our collection of services include the following:

 Initial Document or Project Review. Our Consultation with you or your team.  Our first 15 minutes are free, and we also offer a deep discount for students.  We will work with you to go through an overview of your project, the desired results, and what we can offer you.

Wordflow and Continuity Reviews – Student Level. Working with students, both at the grad and post-grad level, to both give their writings (and especially their dissertational submissions) a literary “pop” and make sure that they are presented in a level appropriate to both the candidate and their committee. Nothing looks worse than submitting a doctoral level dissertation and having glaring errors at the grade-school level peeking out from behind your hard work. We can keep this from destroying your chances, and your appearance to your peers, reviewers, and committee members.

Wordflow and Continuity Reviews – Professional Level. Working with you or your team to bring your document up to professionally acceptable standards, and remove glaring errors that could cost you contracts, business, or even professional standing.  Making that “big presentation”?  Speaking before a large group of your peers (or your customers)?  Presenting your professional documentation as part of a resume or proposal package?  Let us give your document that special polish that may transform your writing from standard (or substandard) to outstanding.

Substandard Translation Correction. Working with foreign companies that provided documentation at a “machine translated” level for their customer and technician base. Your company may be a modern, world-capable cutting edge firm, but a poor translation into American English (where a large number of your customers and clients are based) not only makes you look “foreign” in their eyes, but devalues your brand name. We can perform “written copy surgery” to correct these errors and make your company seem at home – away from your company base.

Professional, Scientific, Executive, and Engineering Documentation Reviews. Face it – A number of otherwise excellent copy editors do not have the background or knowledge of most scientific , engineering, or executive level terminology, or even a grasp of what people see in you while reading your documents. They give a good effort, but inevitably, they can get it wrong – especially where transposition of one letter, or the careless misuse of one phrase or idiom, can mean the difference between a revolutionary concept or project coming to life and a disaster of potentially unprecedented proportion. Our team combines various disciplines to make sure WE get it right… for you.

Basic Proofreading. When putting out memo after memo, and letter after letter, you know the message you want to get out… but in the hustle and bustle of daily business, it’s common to hit “send” and then realize (or not) your spelling, grammar, and maybe even your message, are convoluted, self-negating, or worse, written in a manner that makes those in power think less of you. Let us run a “rapid Review” of these important communications, so what they READ is what you MEANT, and freflects you as the intelligent, savvy professional you are.

Document and Documentary Review. Writing a book – be it the Great American Novel, a cutting edge Textbook, or a striking pamphlet – is a fun, yet time consuming passion. As an author, you know to be successful you must “strike while the iron is hot”, while the Muse is working through your fingers. Sometimes, however, it’s easy to find yourself repeating (or worse, negating) your words within pages or paragraphs of one another. One of our specialties is reviewing your works pre-publication, to remove or rework these small literary land mines to give your work – your best – the smoothness, continuity, and eventually, the audience acceptance it deserves.

Imagineering and Production Services. It happens to everyone. Deep in a project, you find yourself at a loss for words. Or you’ve written yourself into the irretrievable corner and can find no escape. Or you find yourself writing in circles, with no way to get out of the hamster wheel of the unending and unbreakable cycles. You may also be tight on deadline, and need something small, yet meaningful – a script, a conceptual storyboard, a new direction for an ad campaign, or even editorial assistance on a media production. Our team of professional wordsmiths can retrieve you from facing certain doom, and bring your project back on track, on budget, and on time.

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Thank you for your interest in Lassen Forge -wordsmith-…  A proud supporter of the Viola Institute.



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